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    Getting people to like you after bad choices.

    Donate your own money to the treasury maybe??
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    Swinging sword, or dragon stomper, buying. also if you have another cool weapon i might buy

    you get the singing sword from opening the chest in the santcuary in the achievement room......
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    The New World? WARNING SPOILERS!!!

    o.0 wow..........................
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    So, What DLC do we want to see. *Probably Spoilers*

    Maybe we could meet up with reaver and hammer(if she is still alive),and have an adventure to find and or save Garth from Samarkand.
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    Easter Egg (possible spoiler)

    I still want to know!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hero Hill

    Yea would have been a nice easter egg to go visit it.
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    Easter Egg (possible spoiler)

    I want to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hero Hill

    Thank you is there anyway to get up there??(on a side-note I realized I was typing with caps on:P)
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    Hero Hill

    Has anyone been able to find hero hill in fable 3???
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    post your funny fable 2 quotes

    Re: post your funny fable 2 quotes Yea lol what is the quote in your Sig from it sounds so familiar.
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    Fable 3 loading screens

    Re: Fable 3 loading screens Really nice i laughed at big Bess.
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    Halo reach.

    Halo reach. LOL bungies halo reach forums \are going insane about some weird website that has an outline of noble
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    The voice of our hero?

    Re: The voice of our hero? :D A7X fan?and on topic nice find.
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    who wants to play fable?

    Re: who wants to play fable? i could give you some money and some exp potions if that would help.
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    fable 2 glitch

    Re: fable 2 glitch did you do the second controller glitch?