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Recent content by Dagzey

  1. Dagzey

    Angelic Blade Morph?

    The Morphs are pretty much random. Save before you upgrade them on the RtR. Do the upgrade, and if you don't like what you get, restart them game, try again, and keep doing so till you get the desired morph
  2. Dagzey


    Aren't you a little concerned about the fact that you're looking forward to your mother becoming your wife? Luckily for the sake of your sanity, she isn't there!!
  3. Dagzey

    gnomes completed

    I got the Chickenbane Some people are just so hard to satisfy
  4. Dagzey

    Fable: The Movie?

    Not entirely true, although this is based on personal opinion, I thought Prince of Persia was a pretty reasonable attempt which I quite enjoyed watching. The Resident Evil movies would be quite good in their own right regardless of whether or not they're linked to a game. Doom wasn't too bad...
  5. Dagzey

    That f****** map!

    Mistpeak valley is the frustrating one, the only place you can really fast-travel to is the the demon door, otherwise it will either put you at the top of the hill or at the gate to the merc camp. It's usually the one furthest from where you actually want to be, but in most places it's not too...
  6. Dagzey

    Funny upside of the update?

    It happens when your people love you or fear you.
  7. Dagzey

    Alcohol ban

    my first playthrough, I played as a good character, but I left the drinking limit. Though I was generous in my decisions, I thought a little bit of control in the alcohol department would be in order, but I never was a big fan of the idea of prohibition either
  8. Dagzey

    Spouse instant death

    I can confirm your issue, but not exactly. My spouse died after building the orphanage, ever so conveniently
  9. Dagzey

    Fable 3 update does what?

    I got my update, it doesn't seem to me like anything has changed really. On the plus side, I haven't lost anything
  10. Dagzey

    Easter Egg (possible spoiler)

    I finally got that opened in Co-op today. I thought that was quite funny actually. During the pen is mightier than... in the basement where you get one of the books in the bowerstone old quarter, where you have the dolls, the stone hobbes, 1 of terry cotter's soldiers etc...
  11. Dagzey

    Bowerstone Orphanage

    I didn't actually give my kids up. the mother died?
  12. Dagzey

    Definitive answer on upgrading weapons

    Thankyou for that. Avo's Lamenation is a good sword. I have mine fully upgraded, and I love it
  13. Dagzey

    Definitive answer on upgrading weapons

    I don't think you have to make the kills with that weapons, but it does have to be equipped. You can still use will or ranged and the kill will count for that upgrade, but it must be equipped. Hero weapons will morph regardless of whether you have them equipped or not.
  14. Dagzey

    How many times does do i have to get knocked down before i scar?

    you probably have a weapon equipped that prevents scarring
  15. Dagzey

    Fable 3 Geography?

    As you're most likely aware, Millfields is Bower Lake. Mourningwood reminds me alot of the Bowerstone Cemetary, not just because of the graves, but there are 1 or 2 features that look familiar.