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    The Archons Power (proposed spoiler)

    Re: The Archons Power (proposed spoiler) Jack of Blades is not returning
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    NEW PISTOL HOLSTER!!! whenever you return from the cursed snowglobe or cursed skull from the See the Future dlc, your pistol will automatically be placed on your chest, which i think looks pretty awesome. I dont understand why something like that would happen unless lionhead actually wanted...
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    Zarkes's glitch list

    Re: Zarkes's glitch list pressure jump for people who didn't see it
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    Dye List

    Re: Dye List yeah right, the master hamer with with extra damage augment and drani lif one does around 112 damage instead of the hammerthiest's damage of 65 or whatever i must admit the hammertyst looks awesome though, like a big crystal
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    Disapointed, big time.

    Re: Disapointed, big time. i have to admit, great first post :lol:
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    Re: DISSAPOINTED BIGGER TIME :lol:long island, not the city(though i go often) so it is completely different and i also got it much cheaper(not really) 66.99 and free release date shipping so i would arive got it on release day, but my problems prevented that. I would have to get the game...
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    Re: DISSAPOINTED BIGGER TIME i thought i would be funny:P, but i am not trying to be rude about the other title either:rolleyes:
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    why so damn fast through fable 2?

    Re: why so damn fast through fable 2? i was able to complete fable tlc in about 3 hours after i played it twice for about 20 hours each, but with fable 2 i will take 50 hours for my first playthrough to do EVERYTHING and then a girl with everthing and so on
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    DISSAPOINTED BIGGER TIME Not at Fable 2 of course;) By the way, sorry for the title, but i felt it was necessary. Ok, so about 5 months ago i ordered Fable 2 LE on amazon. I got release date shipping and all. So on the 21st i am waiting for the game, never comes:realmad:. So i go ahead to...
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    Re: Tomorrow tommorrow will be the ****ing longest day EVER!!! in my life maybe i exaggerated a little but seriously, school is long to begin with and now having to wait is going to kill me, i beter not have a ton of homework tommorrow
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    Bad News

    Re: Bad News my amazon order was shipped at 3 today and the delivery is estimated for tommorrow since i got realease date shipping
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    GOOD v EVIL IGN SPECIAL edit-awesome, lute at 58 seconds and a new looking spell at Tornado? at 2:05 minor spoilers
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    Fable II "the mage"

    Re: Fable II "the mage" i really think i might want to be full out will user but guns look awesome, and i always used swords so i dont know what i will use
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    IGN Magic video

    Re: IGN Magic video ;)
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    life's all good. how about yours?

    life's all good. how about yours?